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Terms and Conditions

Payment Obligations, Renewals, and Cancellations

  1. Website Development Payment Obligations: Before your website can be developed, a deposit is needed. Unless a new contract or proposal specifies a different sum, this is typically 50% of the initial design cost. After the design, navigation, and pages have been authorized and built, the remaining payment is due. Whether or not the client has submitted all of the required content for the pages, the final payment is still required. This clause was put in place to motivate the client to deliver material on time so that their website can go up. Additionally, it guarantees that AAA Web Agency will be compensated for completing the proposal’s requirements, even if the client’s content is late. Following payment, AAA Web Agency will continue to publish outstanding content FOR FREE for three months. If a page marked as “under construction” is published owing to a lack of content, AAA Web Agency will post ONE copy of any text or images on the current pages alone, for a period of up to three months after the date of publication. Following the three months, content placed on the website will be billed at our standard hourly rate. After they have been expressly authorized by the customer, design and navigation changes requested by the client will be billed at our standard hourly rate.
  2. Website Development Cancellation:  The down payment is not refundable if site design and development work has already started (such as developing a design idea). Depending on the situation, AAA Web Agency may decide to issue a partial refund at its exclusive discretion.
  3. Stock Photography Payment Obligations:  Most photos and/or images that are not produced by the customer are included in stock photography. Billable stock photos are purchased on the client’s behalf for usage in website development. This sum is not included in the quoted price for website design and development. Because certain photos are more expensive than others, we will ask the client for permission before buying them and let them know how much they will cost.
  4. Description of Ongoing Costs:  There are two categories of recurring expenses: hosting and domain registration and renewal.
    1. Domain name registration/renewal:  This expense occurs every year. A domain name registration grants you the sole right to use a certain name, such as www.mygroup.org, for your web-based endeavors. Although it is NOT necessary, we STRONGLY PREFER that you register a domain through us. We spend a lot of time assisting customers in regaining ownership of the name they believed they had previously purchased because many services are dishonest in the manner they sell names. Make sure you listed yourself as the Registrant and Administrative Contact with a valid, readily available email address if you registered your name. This will make it more likely that, should the need arise, your domain can be renewed or transferred. The cost of registering a domain name is not refundable.
    2. Hosting:  This expense occurs every year. You can post a website for browser-based browsing through hosting, which puts the website on a server connected to the internet. Although it is not essential, we STRONGLY PREFER that you host through us. Domain-based emails, bandwidth, storage, database, and security tools, among other services, are included with hosting. To guarantee that the programs we build will function, projects involving bespoke programming must be hosted with AAA Web Agency. Before we start programming, you must declare if you want to host your website on another server.
    3. Hosting Renewal Payment Obligations: Unless you notify AAA Web Agency in writing fifteen (15) days before the renewal date that you do not want the account to be renewed, your hosting account will be automatically renewed.
    4. Hosting Cancellation Payment Obligations: You are always free to revoke. Please review the information under “Limited 30-day Money Back Guarantee” if you decide to cancel before the first 30 days after your account is opened. You will be required to pay all fees incurred up until the cancellation’s effective date if you cancel after the first 30 days. Less any earlier fees and a $25 early cancellation fee, AAA Web Agency will reimburse the basic hosting payments paid in advance for the full months that remain after the cancellation’s effective date. Accounts that AAA Web Agency terminates because of misuse, violations of these terms and conditions, or other reasons will not be refunded. All cancellations must be made in writing and received by the specified deadlines through ordinary mail or email. Requests made by the phone will not be considered an acceptance of any cancellation. You will receive a refund within ten business days of the cancellation date.
    5. Hosting Transfer Payment Obligations: AAA Web Agency will help you if you want to switch your hosting to a different company upon request. Any transfer that cannot be easily facilitated by granting Cpanel access and/or FTP access may incur fees.
    6. Limited 30-day Money Back Guarantee on Hosting: Except setup fees and time accumulated since the establishment date, you will receive a refund on your hosting charge if, within the first 30 days of the account opening, you are not entirely happy with our services. Refunds for purchases made using credit cards will be sent to the original credit card used for the transaction. You will not be qualified for a refund if we have terminated your account as a result of your violation of the terms and conditions. There are no refunds for domain name registration.
    7. Sites NOT Hosted by AAA Web Agency: AAA Web Agency cannot guarantee that all of the site’s components will function should the client choose to host their website on a different server. To inform the client of our hypothesis regarding the nature of the issue, AAA Web Agency will make a reasonable attempt to investigate the issue on the foreign platform. We cannot be held liable for faults with email, FTP, SSL, databases, server software, or site security that are brought on by or occur on a different hosting server. Before moving on, AAA Web Agency will inform the client if we think it will take a long time to fix the issue. The majority of the time, addressing issues on a foreign hosting server is chargeable.
  5. Website Maintenance:  Except for domain registration and hosting, there are no ongoing maintenance costs. The majority of people work on their website annually, and we have a few options for that. By establishing a unique Content Management System, we may make some portions of the website editable by you. After the site goes live, we continue to make changes at an hourly rate. You can get a prepaid maintenance contract that offers a reduced hourly charge if you anticipate that maintenance will occur frequently. If necessary, we can create a maintenance plan just for you, although one is not necessary.
  6. Website Maintenance Payment Obligations:  Prepayment can be necessary depending on the website modifications’ nature. If the client is billed after the changes are finished, payment is expected immediately. The maintenance changes might be suspended until payment is made if it is not made within 30 days. A reposting fee could also be added to the unpaid balance of the maintenance invoice after 60 days.

Development Process

  1. Homepage Design – The site design is deemed ready for implementation once the client gives their approval, typically via email. Any modifications to a design that the client has accepted will be billed at our usual hourly rate.
  2. Navigation – The site navigation is regarded as ready for execution once the client has authorized the site outline or map, typically via email agreement. This becomes the framework of the website when combined with the approved graphic design. Any additional changes after we construct this framework with the client’s agreement are chargeable at our usual hourly rate.
  3. Content – Unless otherwise specified in the project proposal, the customer is responsible for providing the material.
    • Text content – The client should carefully proofread all digitally produced copy for all website pages and links. There will be two rounds of modifications offered without cost. Any additional modifications will be charged at our standard hourly rate.
    • Copy development – Website copy is chargeable at our standard hourly rate if the client requests that AAA Web Agency create material for the site. The process of developing copy involves interviewing the customer about the subject matters that should be covered on their web pages. After creating the necessary copy, AAA Web Agency presents it to the customer for inspection, editing, and approval. The final, approved draft is then published online.
    • Graphical content – Unless otherwise specified in the customer’s contract, images not included in the website design must be supplied digitally or in a format that can be quickly scanned. Any additional modifications will be charged at our standard hourly rate.
  4. Database Implementation – Data entry is seen as the client’s responsibility for database applications. Unless specifically stated differently in the customer’s contract, the entry of data by AAA Web Agency is chargeable.
  5. Email  As part of any hosting agreement, we provide free domain-based email addresses for our customers. If the site is not hosted by AAA Web Agency, we assume no liability for configuring and fixing email issues.
  6. Training – A one-hour Basic Training (Editor Access) will be offered for websites with administrative control panels or content management systems. For an extra cost, additional training sessions and/or advanced training can be requested.
  7. Technical Support – We provide our clients with local and long-distance phone support.

Training and Tutorials

Our projects include a single, gratis training session so that our clients may better utilize their new web technology because customer service is a key component of our business strategy. Additional training hours may be added to your existing maintenance contract or purchased at our standard hourly rate.

Domain Transfers and DNS Management

There will be a cost for domain transfers into or out of our registration platform for names that were not initially registered with AAA Web Agency. DNS management and troubleshooting tasks are billed at our hourly rate if your domain is not registered with AAA Web Agency.

Websites with Proprietary Source Code

The bespoke code that the client commissions AAA Web Agency to produce for a website application is not transferable to another developer or host. Custom-written source code is regarded as AAA Web Agency Web Development’s property and is not transferable to other developers. Customers are permitted to use unique software code solely on AAA Web Agency servers. The code remains the property of AAA Web Agency Web Development.

In rare circumstances, AAA Web Agency will set up client-specific third-party software for their use. Software like WordPress, FCK editor, shopping carts, photo galleries, etc. is few examples. In these situations, customers will be bound by the terms and conditions of the entity that owns the software and are only permitted to use it as a licensee. The client is not given any ownership rights of any kind.

There may be a security concern for AAA Web Agency and its clients who are using similar pieces of code if proprietary source code is accessed or transferred. Clients grant us access to their confidential and/or sensitive information, company strategies, trade secrets, and proprietary pricing to provide custom software development services. Clients might stop trusting us to preserve their sensitive information if they thought we would be sharing this knowledge with outside developers. Therefore, access to or transfer of any code created for a specific purpose that is not generally and publicly available cannot be permitted. If the client requests that we develop software that will operate on a different server, this must be revealed upfront and agreed upon.

HTML code, graphics, logos, images, navigation, content, and database data are among the website elements that CAN be moved to a different server (but not the code). For any specialized labour required to transfer the portions of the website that do not infringe on the other clauses in this section, hourly rates will be charged.

Non-Domain-Based Troubleshooting

The websites we create for our clients, together with any domain-based email accounts associated with those websites, are maintained and troubleshoot by AAA Web Agency Web Development. Our clients’ ISPs (Internet Service Providers), ISP-based email accounts (name@charter.net, name@3rivers.net, etc.), your home or office internet connections, or any other non-domain-based issues outside AAA Web Agency Web Development’s scope of service are NOT our responsibility, and we DO NOT provide non-billable troubleshooting for these issues. Non-domain-based troubleshooting services will be provided at our standard hourly rate, which will be billed.

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