The 10 best freelance wix designers to hire in 2022

The 10 best freelance wix designers to hire in 2022

The 10 best freelance wix designers to hire in 2022

Wix is an excellent platform for creating a professional website for your company or personal use. A key feature is its focus on ease of usage.

It’s great for people just starting out in web design because it’s easy to use and inexpensive. But it takes a pro to make sure that the experience is both enjoyable and useful for the target audience. In order to make sure your website stands out for the correct reasons, check out our recommended Wix designers.

Wix is a popular website builder due to its extensive collection of premade designs, simple drag-and-drop page editing interface, and comprehensive set of support resources. It’s a service that caters to designers of all skill levels, so you can take your time coming up with a look that fits your brand’s aesthetic.

Having said that, we recognise how crucial it is to have a website that is distinctive from those of your rivals. While it’s true that you may get by using just a template, doing so may prevent your brand’s unique qualities from shining through.

To make a truly exceptional website, it is recommended that you hire a professional designer that is well-versed in the Wix platform. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 10 available freelance Wix designers to help you get started on the path toward the perfect website.

How did we choose these as the top Wix designers?

Employing a designer to help create a website is, without a doubt, a wise decision. Having a designer on staff who is familiar with the ins and outs of the website builder you’re considering using is even more beneficial. The first step toward achieving your ideal website is hiring a designer who has experience with Wix and can demonstrate variety in their portfolio. Using the criteria below, we chose a small group of the best and brightest Wix designers to work on your project.

1. Design quality

Each designer’s portfolio is reviewed by one of our experts before they are accepted to 99designs. By following these steps, both customers and designers have a better chance of finding their ideal match. Our expert looks for evidence of conceptual understanding, technical skill, and familiarity with design concepts when he or she peruses portfolios. If the designer is accepted, he or she will be placed in one of three categories:

  • Top Level
  • Mid Level
  • Entry Level

You can tell at a glance if you’re dealing with a seasoned pro or a promising newcomer by looking at their experience and skill levels, which are prominently represented in their portfolios.

2. Wix design experience

Knowledge and skill develop as one gains experience. We narrowed the field down to designers who have helped their clients develop impressive Wix websites and put them on this list. Someone who is familiar with Wix and has the necessary technical expertise will be of great assistance to you while you create your website.

3. Professionalism

Not only do you need someone with design chops, but you also need a Wix designer who is communicative, reliable, and easy to deal with. To ensure that the Wix designers we recommend are experts in both service and design, we considered feedback from their previous clients.

What to think about when hiring a Wix designer

A website is essential in creating an affinity between the brand and its target market. Hiring a professional Wix designer gives you the best chance of making that connection; you provide the brand identity and they will implement it. Your user’s time spent on your branded website can be optimised with the help of a professional Wix designer. You’ll have more time on your hands to use toward other goals, such as promoting your business and expanding your customer base.

It’s important that the process of creating a website is enjoyable and motivating. Pick a person whose thoughts you find particularly inspiring. While looking for your ideal Wix designer, bear these points in mind.

  • Features. Your chosen designer should be familiar with Wix and its features. In comparison to Wix’s standard tools, this will provide you a significant advantage. If you want to be more experimental with your designs and come up with something truly unique, the Wix Editor is the way to go; however, you will need a designer who is comfortable working in it. Your site may go above and beyond expectations with a little help from Wix’s animation tool, interactive slideshows, media galleries, and scroll effects (to name a few, Wix has hundreds of capabilities).


  • Techniques used in Wix’s design platform. In order to communicate your needs to your designer, you must first have a firm grasp of the Wix design procedure. We can thank Wix’s openness and simplicity for this. Check out this handy guide to creating a Wix website to learn more about the various pricing tiers and what they have to offer.


  • Aesthetic. Branding, branding, branding: repeat after me. Always remember who you’re designing for and what they’re looking for in a visual medium. A website’s design and layout conveys a lot of information about its owner and the audience they’re attempting to target. Since your target audience should identify with your aesthetic decisions, this might help you gain their trust. So, how does this relate to the website builder you’re using, Wix? If you’re going to work with a designer, it’s important to make sure their previous work is in line with the style you’re going for. Determine if their aesthetic meshes with your brand’s and if they could assist you win over your ideal customers.
    Establish a schedule. When do you hope to have your website go live? It will be easier to find a designer who can meet your needs if you are honest about them from the start of the working relationship.

Are you ready to hire an amazing freelance Wix designer?

Hiring a professional Wix designer can not only save you time, but also allow you to focus on getting exactly what you want out of your website. Creating a website shouldn’t be about merely getting something up and running, but rather about creating something you’re proud to show off. We hope that this list inspires you to keep looking for the right designer if these 10 don’t work for you.

Can’t make up your mind about which online service will best meet your needs? Take a stab at it with our handy quiz down below!

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