161 Free Textures: The Easiest Way to Enhance Any Design

161 Free Textures: The Easiest Way to Enhance Any Design

The designer’s toolkit is incomplete without digital and/or physical textures. With this collection, we hope to provide you with 161 free textures and elements for your next endeavour.

It’s not easy to find free, high-quality textures online. Since many of them are dispersed across different websites, you may waste a lot of time looking for the appropriate textures.

We’ve compiled 161 free textures that can be used for anything from social graphics to logo design to help simplify your texture selection process. In this compilation, you’ll find a wide range of textures, from elegant marble to dingy zine pages.

What Are Textures?

Textures give a two-dimensional image some depth and dimension, increasing its visual appeal. Textures add visual interest to any work, whether they are subtle and speckled or gritty and destructive. Textures are frequently used by graphic designers to give three-dimensional objects, such as solid shapes, photographs, and backgrounds, more personality.

Take note of how the use of paper and distressed textures improves upon the previous solid vector version; the design now has a more worn-in and retro feel. The perfect finishing touch to any design, textures are like the icing on the cake.

How to Download Free Textures

The 161 free textures, ranging from paper to linocut, are linked to below. The download links are conveniently located at the end of each texture description. You can access the download button from each linked page.

Go down to the “How to Download” section and press the button there to get the ZIP file. When the download is complete, a pop-up window will appear; select it to open the ZIP file and access its contents. The licences and other paperwork can be found in those folders. Files are organised in various ways, with names that change depending on the texture used. The appropriate textures for your next project are just a few clicks away.

12 Free Paper Textures

Every designer should have a collection of paper textures at their disposal. They can be used to give any piece of music an air of realism and depth. Both the background and individual shapes and paths can benefit from paper overlays, which can range from subtle to extreme.

Free paper texture pack with twelve unique textures, including crumpled, ripped, and smooth paper. There are twelve.jpg files and four.png files available for download.

One of the many things that makes these paper textures so appealing is how adaptable they are. Use the crumpled paper variations as a clipping mask to give solid vector shapes a shredded edge, or use the blend modes in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign to create a crumpled overlay across the design.

Simply click the link below to begin downloading this no-cost paper bundle. To access the paper textures, simply double-click the ZIP file to extract its contents, where you’ll find them in the corresponding PNG and JPG directories.

50 Free Distressed Textures

Are there times when you want your shapes, backgrounds, or typography to have a little bit of a grunge feel? The fifty free distressed textures in this pack are an easy way to add a professional touch to your design compositions in any programme. Every texture is one-of-a-kind because it was made by hand using India ink and acrylic paint.

20 Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes

Brushes in Photoshop are so much more than just a convenient way to move wet paint or other media from palette to paper. For designers of all skill levels, this set of brushes is an indispensable resource thanks to their adaptability.

The great thing about these Photoshop brushes is that you can modify and expand them as needed. Making more marks with stamps and brushstrokes will result in more texture. Brushes can be layered on top of one another to make new textures, or the brush size and opacity can be changed to alter the brush’s application. You can use these Photoshop brushes in your next graphic design project, whether you’re working on a logo, a social media post, a photo editing project, a typography project, or anything else.

35 Free Zine Textures

In honour of 2019’s renewed interest in collages and digital zines, we present 35 free zine textures, perfect for imparting the year’s signature worn and torn look into any design project. These textures, which were created using photographs of concrete, distressed wood, and other materials, are great for giving even the simplest designs a rugged, worn look.

These graphics can be used in a wide variety of contexts, including social media posts, website designs, print works, and more, regardless of whether or not your final product is meant to be a traditional zine. These textures are perfect for adding grit and grunge to your composition whenever the situation calls for it.

Blend modes, clipping masks, and layers are recommended for using these specialised texture files. These textures work best in Adobe Photoshop, but you can use them with any raster editor. These files can also be converted to a vector format and used as a vector path in Adobe Illustrator with little effort.

13 Free Marble Textures

A touch of elegance is all that’s needed sometimes when designing. The graphic design industry is no exception to the rule that the ripples and swirls of colour in marble add a touch of classic opulence to any area. Designers from all walks of life have incorporated marble textures into backgrounds, packaging, business cards, and even web layouts, despite the fact that they aren’t appropriate for every project.

These marble textures are hand-painted and feature kaleidoscopic patterns of colour that make for striking wallpapers and wallpaper patterns. Mixing different colours of nail polish on top of water creates each unique background.

Each marble pattern was drawn by hand before being scanned and converted to a JPG, PNG, or EPS file. The raster files are compatible with any raster editor, while Illustrator is recommended for the vector files.

31 Free Linocut Textures & Elements

While digital design has been receiving most of the attention, more and more artists are turning back to traditional techniques for making illustrations and textures. Linocut, in particular, is regaining popularity as a form of block printing due to its adaptability, striking textures, and organic outcomes.

In order to add a touch of linocut to your digital designs, we compiled this free set of thirty-one block print shapes and textures. Every detail is distinctive because it was made by hand, from the carving of linoleum blocks to the stamping of ink onto paper.

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