15 Best Real Estate Agent Websites, Plus Tips to Create Your Own

15 Best Real Estate Agent Websites, Plus Tips to Create Your Own

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Business cards, social media, and event sponsorship are just a few of the marketing tools at your disposal as a real estate agent. However, making a website for your brand is probably the most important thing you can do.

Once a mix of regional newspapers, flyers, and snail mail, modern marketing is now predominately conducted online. The most efficient method of attracting new customers in the modern era is to establish a prominent online presence with a beautiful website that features customer testimonials, informative content, and a detailed breakdown of your services.

In this article, you’ll find examples of some of the best real estate agent websites made on Wix, as well as guidelines for making your own. You can find inspiration from these layouts and launch your project immediately.

15 best real estate agent websites

01. Closed by Carley

Real estate agent Carley Johnson of Atlanta has a lovely website that manages to be both minimalist and lighthearted. Guests to her website can get a sense of her design aesthetic from the white background and minimalist layout, which pair well with the photos of cheerful houses and well-kept gardens. On a separate page of her site, she links to videos she’s posted on YouTube that offer advice on home ownership and interior design. It’s a great way to introduce her friendly personality and make her company seem more approachable.

02. Beavers O’Connell Group

At the outset, there was the slogan, “Legal solutions. This organisation takes a “modern approach,” as evidenced by its highly competent and modern website. There is a lot of white space and clean fonts, so it’s easy to read and navigate, and a brief description of their services makes it simple for visitors to find what they need. Along with this, the real estate company features a large photo of its staff at the very top of its website, humanising the company’s online presence. In addition to a comprehensive website, they also maintain a blog where they can share their expertise with the world and increase their reputation in the market.

03. Next Door Alliance

Next Door Alliance, an organisation dealing in real estate and property management, has a modern, hip vibe. Their blue colour scheme complements the large photograph of skyscrapers featured on their homepage, creating an air of dependability and trustworthiness around the brand. Site visitors can easily get in touch with them by filling out the form at the bottom of the homepage or by clicking the Request a Quote buttons sprinkled throughout the site.

04. Anne Mahon

Anne Mahon, a real estate agent in Massachusetts, has a warm and inviting website. The opening image on the homepage is a large, glossy photograph of a home’s interior. She gives a brief introduction right under the picture, focusing on her accomplishments and how much she loves providing excellent customer service. At the site’s footer, she provides a search bar that allows users to narrow their results by location, number of bedrooms, and asking price, among other factors.

05. Philadelphia Home Advisors

The website for this real estate company uses a soothing monochromatic colour scheme that conveys a sense of modern luxury and calm. To make sure that the company’s values are always in the spotlight, their mission statement is prominently displayed at the top of their homepage. Adding to the site’s credibility and creating an atmosphere of excitement among potential customers is a short video showing a happy couple finding their dream home. Contact forms that double as surveys for prospective buyers, tenants, and sellers can be found on a separate page labelled “Live.” With this data, they can better meet the specific requirements of each potential customer.

06. Afford2Stage

The grey and white pattern on Afford2Stage’s background is warm and inviting, calling to mind fashionable wallpaper. Images of their home staging and redesign projects and a brief description of their services are presented in a slideshow gallery at the top of the homepage. They also feature before and after pictures of their work on a dedicated page so that potential clients can get a sense of what it would be like to work with them. The website also features a Frequently Asked Questions section, where inquiries from potential customers can be answered.

07. Arroyo Realty Group

To the point and expertly designed, Arroyo Realty Group’s website is ideal for those in the real estate business. The user sees the word “Welcome” and a picture of a key turning in a lock as soon as they enter the site. The “Let’s Talk” call-to-action button, placed directly below, draws the visitor’s eye and directs them to the Contact page. A detailed history of the company and its brand is provided on the “About” page, where the company’s core values and years of industry experience are highlighted for potential customers.

08. Top Street Madrid

With its beautiful real estate website, the Madrid-based company showcases the splendour of Spain’s capital. There are many pictures of apartments and houses in the city, with a clear delineation between the ones that are for sale and those that are available for rent. The homepage gives a brief but visually appealing overview of the company, complete with pictures of gorgeous houses, justifications for hiring them, praise from satisfied customers, and a means of getting in touch. Live chat is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the bottom right of any page to further assist potential customers.

09. Casa Coín

Real estate agent Laura Gibbins, whose office is located in the coastal Andalusian region of Costa del Sol, has created a website that successfully blends professionalism and personality. The site’s colour scheme of coral pink, sandy beige, and ocean blue makes one think of a carefree vacation on the beach. She lists all of her services, provides a brief biography and headshot, provides contact details, and publishes her business hours prominently on the homepage.

10. Laurie Wotus

Real estate clientele can find all the information they need on Laurie Wotus’s website, which is both informative and thorough. Her homepage is unlike any other, featuring a large, looping slow-motion video of a smiling couple in their new home that is overlaid with a portrait of Laurie. Across the top of the video are the words “integrity, honesty, and community,” which are the three core values that guide her work. There’s a chat box in the site’s lower right corner, demonstrating her dedication to customer service.

11. Smothers & Falk Realty Group

Smothers & Falk, a real estate agency in Minnesota, uses its website to advertise its services and educate potential clients. Social media buttons are strategically placed in the top right of the header, linking directly to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Additionally, they have a blog on the site with informative posts like “How to Upsize Your Home” and “Which Down Payment Strategy is Right for You?” to demonstrate their expertise and win over visitors’ trust.

12. Living Tahoe

Tanya Soule’s website as a real estate agent is polished, detailed, and simple to use. Visitors can use the first search bar to find their ideal neighbourhood, and the second to find out how much their current home is worth. The website also features other useful tools, such as a home-matching form and details on local points of interest.

13. The Pinnacle

This property site’s minimalistic aesthetic conveys a sense of the high life. Website visitors will appreciate the site’s clean design and ease of use; the various sections dedicated to describing the various units in the building are just a click away. On a separate page labelled “Location,” more information about the city and nearby points of interest is provided in an effort to sell the area and attract new residents.

14. Gateway Realty Partners

They have a very polished real estate website for a California company. They list their services, provide some statistics about their successes, and provide a contact form so that interested parties can get in touch with them directly from their homepage. They also feature a collection of positive reviews from satisfied customers to further emphasise their track record of excellence and inspire confidence in new customers.

15. Belville

A wide-screen photo of London’s skyline dominates the home page of Belville’s real estate agency website. Their colour palette, which consists primarily of black with teal accents, is both sophisticated and fun, evoking the city’s vibrant nightlife. In addition to a Testimonials menu item, the website’s homepage also prominently displays a selection of testimonials.

Real estate website design: Top tips and tricks

These professionally designed real estate website templates will get your creative juices flowing if you’re thinking of starting your own real estate agent website. Keep in mind that you can easily modify these templates to meet the specific needs of your business at no cost.

Start off on the right foot with these fundamentals of web design:

  • It’s important to find the right brand identity for your company. Think about who you want to impress as you design your real estate agent website. Do you seek happiness and excitement? Whoa, you mean business. Whatever route you take, it’s important to give your company a distinct identity through its logo and colour scheme.
  • Please say hello: Put together a professional biography and showcase your credentials and experience on your website’s About Us or Homepage. If you have a team, make sure to introduce them and include how to get in touch with them.
  • After you’ve attracted the attention of potential customers, they’ll want to know how to get in touch with you. Whether it’s next to your bio or in the footer, your website should always feature your business email and phone number. There are multiple places you can put a contact form on your website.
  • One must have a mission statement. Explain not only your actions but also your motivations to the people listening to you. Potential customers’ hearts will be warmed by your sincerity. You can talk about this on your homepage, in your bio, or on your About page.
  • Provide testimonies from satisfied clients; they will likely become some of your most ardent proponents. Have your previous customers write a testimonial that you can post on your site. The trust of your site’s visitors will increase as a result.
  • Use eye-catching visuals: site visitors care about more than just learning about your company; they want to see what their potential new home might look like. Make use of large images as well as image galleries to showcase available rental and sale properties on your homepage. Include a video on your website to advertise your services or show off a virtual tour of your properties.
  • Connect in real time: If you want to take your real estate agent website to the next level, a live chat widget that allows you to respond instantly to customers is a must-have. Providing this additional level of service to customers could be the deciding factor in whether or not they become repeat buyers.

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